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Station Grill will design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams

Custom outdoor kitchen designs

Have you picked the colours, materials and finish for your outdoor kitchen? Our team of designers will now step in and create your custom outdoor kitchen design. More specifically, they draft a 3D for your kitchen of choice while taking into account the immediate environment of your backyard.

A custom designed plan

We create a 3D drawing for your outdoor kitchen per the main features of the area where it will be installed. Rest assured that our designers have the creativity and necessary skills to harmonize your outdoor kitchen with the existing elements of your backyard layout. Here are some of the elements we consider when designing your outdoor kitchen:

  • Dimensions of the space available for your project
  • Type of ground surface: wood, pavement, natural stone, etc.
  • Colour and type of the house’s exterior siding: brick, stone, wood or steel.

These are just some examples of the elements we consider when we work on your outdoor kitchen design.

The plethora of options offered in our four collections – Pur, Classic, Lux, Natur – give you the possibility to adapt your kitchen plan to your current decor.

Outdoor kitchen design: Work and collaboration

Our team of designers will accompany you throughout the design process of your outdoor kitchen. Also, they will ensure a plan according to your needs and tastes, and will collaborate with all key players in the project: you, your designer and your contractor.

Teamwork is at the heart of each of our outdoor kitchen projects. It allows everyone involved in the project to voice constructive and original ideas, which in the end produce a fantastic result.

Station Grill: A trusted team by your side

The experts at Station Grill commit to providing exemplary customer service at each step in the realization of your custom designed outdoor kitchen. We will listen to all your needs so that you can enjoy your new outdoor addition as soon as possible!