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Building a kitchen

Made-to-measure outdoor kitchens

Building an outdoor kitchen

After the initial meeting where the choices in materials, finishes and colours are finalized, and following the design step of your outdoor kitchen, we then manufacture the elements of your outdoor kitchen.

Each piece of your kitchen will be cut and engineered using digitally controlled, cutting edge equipment.

All our kitchen projects are designed with an emphasis on detail to provide you a kitchen that exceeds your expectations. Same thing goes for the selection of materials: we only work with superior quality products.

High quality materials and products.

To ensure our kitchens’ resistance to winter conditions and thermal shock caused by sudden temperature changes, we have chosen to work with architectural and marine materials. We manufacture:


  • 3/4’’ black polymer panels, waterproof and resistant to moisture and temperature changes
  • All cabinets are engineered, packaged and assembled with stainless steel screws
  • All cabinet tops are closed for maximum sealing and resistance
  • All cabinets are perforated to hold shelf brackets
  • Dimensions: 15’’ and 30’’ x 16.5’’ or 23.5’’ deep

Drawers and hardware

  • 3/4’’ black polymer
  • Black painted drawer case with invisible slider
  • Slider depth of 22’’ or 16’’
  • Slider with integrated soft-close
  • European style door hinge with integrated soft-close

Fully integrated outdoor kitchen manufacturing

Our outdoor kitchens are designed and manufactured according to your needs. We produce a customized work plan, a space adapted to your barbecue, drinking water (cold and warm) supply solutions, storage, necessary lighting, a refrigerator and much more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, one of our experts will be in touch to asses your needs and answer your questions.