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The Natur collection was created for those who want an outdoor kitchen just like indoor kitchens. The Natur collection offers a wide variety of imitation wood finishes and solid colors for a more natural look. Its water-repellent white pvc covered with a  polymer finish offers increased durability, designed to withstand the weather.  The different colors of the Natur collection have been designed to harmonize with a modern, contemporary and rustic chic style decor. This outdoor kitchen looks great at the cottage as well as at home. An outdoor kitchen in this collection offers an ergonomic work space, adapted to your needs as well as clean and spacious storage possibilities. All the necessary tools can therefore be at your fingertips, giving you the opportunity to get into your culinary adventures as quickly as possible.


The Station Grill designers created the Natur collection for those who want to get together in the kitchen with nature and urban life. The Natur collection offers a refined look thanks to doors and drawers with plain finishes or wood grain effects.

You can see our Natur collection in an outdoor kitchen rooftop project in NYC with our partner TIER-II 

Here are some of the characteristics of the Natur collection:

Contemporary and rustic chic style

Smooth and velvety finish

14 color available

Sample Projects