4 collections of outdoor kitchens designed to meet your desires
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The outdoor kitchens by Station Grill are grouped into four collections distinguished by the finish and the materials used for door and drawer facade surfaces. The signature lateral finishings and rear finishing panels are aluminum-coulored to match the rest of the environment.


Made from high density marine quality polyethylene, the Pur outdoor kitchen collection uses polymer panels with fine V-shaped edges. Thanks to polymer’s properties, this collection is resistant to Quebec winter conditions.


Adapted to all styles

Lightly textured finish

Choice of 7 colours

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The Classic collection, like the Pur colletion, is made from high density polyethylene. Distinguished by its contour and interior accentuated V-shaped grooves, this collection offers a shaker look suitable for many summer kitchen styles.

Multi-purpose: classic, country or contemporary style

Lightly textured finish

Choice of 7 colours

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Station Grill’s Lux collection is made from an aluminum frame with an inserted architectural aluminum panel with a gloss or matte finish, and fits perfectly with a more modern environment style.

Modern and contemporary style

Two types of finish: glossy or matte

Choice of 6 colours

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Like the indoor kitchens, the Natur collection offers a wide variety of wood finishes imitation and solid colors with a smooth finish for a more natural look.

Contemporary and rustic chic style

Smooth and velvety finish

Choice of 17 colours

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