A list of recurring customer questions to help you
What’s the most important part of an outdoor kitchen?

The workspace (counter)

What are the counter surfaces you recommend?

Ultra compact surfaces, large sizes porcelain and granite.

Do we need to have a roof over our kitchen?

It’s not a must for your kitchen’s durability, but extremely useful on rainy days and during the winter.

Does everything stay outside year-round?

Absolutely. Because we use architectural and marine materials, everything can remain outside.

Do we need to cover the kitchen in the winter?

It’s not necessary, but we do offer a customized covering service for those who prefer to cover their kitchens.

Is a sink essential?

Not essential, but if your play permits it, certainly an element that is extremely practical. Every sink requires winterization.

How much space do we need for an outdoor kitchen?

A minimum of 18’’ on each side of your bbq.

Do we need to allow room for a lunch counter or bar?

If you have the space, why not? It will give you more workspace and an ideal gathering place for you and your guests.

What equipment can we find in an outdoor kitchen?

Grill (gas or charcoal), sink, fridge, lateral burner, warming drawer, paper towel holder, trash can, dishwasher, pizza over, bar, ice bucket, herb pot.

What brand and model of grill can we integrate in Station Grill kitchens?

All Kamado-type charcoal grills and gas grills that have a manufacturer-provided insulated grill jacket.

What should we consider when selecting our grill?

Apart from dimensions and look, you also need to consider durability and availability of replacement parts. Keep in mind that your Station Grill kichen is designed to last. In addition, our installations require a certified grill jacket. Many manufacturers offer this option, so you should verify.

Do you offer designer services?

Yes, we offer a complete design service for the outdoor kitchen part, so that it fits perfectly with all the other elements of our outdoor set-up already in place (at-home consultation – plan and elevation – manufacturing – installation).

How quickly can we get our kitchen?

Once the paperwork has been signed, a turnaround of 6 to 8 weeks is typical. Best to make a quick decision to book your place in our installation schedule.